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Vieux Magon, Grand Vin de Mornag, 2002, Tunisia

widely available – in Tunisia

Note: I don’t normally like to review wines which aren’t easy to get hold of in the UK. However, I’ll make an exception for these Tunisian gems as I want you all to go and book your plane tickets and try them yourselves!

Northern Tunisia, with the Mediterranean to the north, is an excellent area for winemaking. This wine is from the appelation AOC Mornag and is a truly excellent example of what Tunisia can produce. A deep ruby/garnet colour it is a carignan/syrah blend. At 13.5% it’s reasonably hefty on the alcohol front but doesn’t taste it as it’s perfectly balanced with the fruit and acidity. Tonnes of warm stewed and dried fruit flavours, giving a lovely Christmassy mince pie feel. Vanilla spice from the oak, and a dusting of cocoa powder on the finish, which then turns to squidgy blackberries. This wine won a gold medal at the MundusVini International Wine Awards in Germany and I’m not surprised at all. I’m just gutted I could only bring back two bottles!

Ugni Blanc, AC Mornag Controlee, 2008

available in Tunisia

Highly aromatic, full of melon and orange blossom. Very gewurztraminer-like with a more limey finish and really lovely honey notes running throughout.

Muscat de Carthage

only in Tunisia again, sorry!

A dark russety brown colour with a strong raisiny aroma. Then comes a sort of oily gingerbread smell, which is far more pleasant than it sounds. On the palate it is a lot lighter in body than it looks and has a tasty bitter orange tang which cuts through the sweetness nicely. Toasted almonds are in there too, before the relatively short pineappley finish. A very nice way to start or finish a meal and I’d wager it’d go very well with a nice sticky goats cheese and some baked figs. You heard.

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  1. May 21, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    Re Tunisian wines

    The small wine importers Cotes d’Afrique based in Suffolk have been importing Tunisian wines into the UK since Nov 2008. We showed a selection at the LIWF in May 2009. This year we entered 3 Tunisian wines in the International Wine Challenge The Magon Majus 2002 (aka Vieux Magon) was awarded a Bronze medal – a first for a Tunisian wine in the UK.

    The wines are available at the Theatre of Wine in Greenwich, a specialist wine retailer and also at the following restaurants in London – Moro in Exmouth Market and Adams Cafe in Shepherds Bush.


    Chris Birkin

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